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What Is A Placement Agreement Meeting

The Chair should also ensure that the child, parents and others who have been invited to contribute understand the purpose of the meeting, how it is organized and that it has the opportunity to present its opinions and suggestions. Note: With respect to care placements, these meetings are called investment agreement meetings. In addition to the general information in this section, you will find specific information in investment meetings in Foster Care Procedure, Placement Planning and Placement Agreement Meetings. Physical health placement strategy. Including exercise, healthy eating, health check-ups, etc. Is the child currently receiving medication? If so, what are the details of drug administration? Does the manager need special training to administer certain medications? The notification of the placement is also sent by the child`s social worker to the designated nurse for the children in care, to the education department, to the local children`s services (if the placement is in the area of another local authority) and to the child`s family doctor. If the appropriate manager authorizes the placement of care, the intermediation planning process can begin – see Section 4, Placement Planning. The social worker and caregivers who care for social workers agree on the best format and place for the meeting and who will chair the meeting. In the case of placement of care, it is necessary to follow the agenda of investment agreements (see Investments in Foster Care Procedure, Appendix 3: Placement Agreement Meeting Agenda). The nursing assistant is also assisted and supervised by her social worker (for internal internships) – see supervision and support of the juvenile safety procedure – and by the independent care centre (for external internships). There is legislation in the Child Protection Act 1999 that sets out the development requirements for a case plan.

It defines what a case plan should contain, who can be involved in the development of the case plan, and how case planning should be done, including the need for a case plan review every six months. Social workers will enter into an initial GLF placement contract with nurses and, when they are of age to participate, they will assist the children as soon as they arrive at the placement (or within 48 hours if this is not possible immediately). Agreements are subject to confirmation or amendment at the investment planning meeting. Investment agreements should be made for all new health centres, including agency internships. For all assessments, you are invited to share your experience in caring for the child or adolescent.

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