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Vauxhall Service Agreement

Getting your car on hold doesn`t need a big effort, even in the year. With Baylis Vauxhall, you can spread the cost of your maintenance work and pay a fixed price each month for a period that suits you. You can also book an online service with our simple tool or go to one of our dealers today to talk to a team member. We charge a cancellation fee of $25-ANNULATION TAX if you terminate the contract or you can transfer the service plan to a new vehicle for free. I just wanted to convey my thanks to one of your employees who settled my service plan issue. Thanks to them, everything was resolved. I would like to say that I have shamed your organization. Whenever I had a request, your employees responded with efficiency and professionalism. The more kindness, the more important! All work is carried out in accordance with your vehicle`s recommended service plan by our fully qualified technicians who have access to the latest diagnostic and workshop tools. The service plan can be transferred to another service plan within the same group of resellers. There are no additional costs associated with transferring your plan. The service plan can be cancelled at any time. The refund is calculated on the basis of payments made, net of service and/or administrative costs.

Cancellation fees of up to $25.00 PLUS VAT will be deducted from your refund amount. Are the service intervals for your vehicle in your vehicle? The manual. The service plan cannot be used in combination with other service promotions offered by your delivery dealer. You will find the terms and conditions of the Full Service plan in your contract, which will be made available at the Point of Policy Sale. 2. In view of the payment of the sums paid by the customer to the distributor, the merchant undertakes to provide the services up to the value of the service fee. Unless the contract has been entered into as part of a national campaign, services can only be provided by the distributor or a member of the merchant group. 3. The customer agrees to make all debit payments, as they are due on the dates indicated on the first page of this contract. 4. The dealer`s responsibility for service is limited to providing vehicle maintenance in accordance with the service specification for the respective service interval. 5.

All additional work and/or materials provided by the dealer that are not included in the service concerned are the responsibility of the customer and are payable when the vehicle is picked up. 6. If the customer refrains from making payments due in accordance with the debit system, does he authorize the merchant to terminate that contract and the merchant? The obligations arising from the contract expire immediately. All funds that are credited to the customer apply to the payment of unpaid administrative fees and, subsequently, to all remaining service charges due to the merchant. In the event that the service benefit that the Customer receives prior to such termination exceeds the payments made by the Customer, the Customer is responsible for the outstanding and immediately pays the merchant a balance due and the trader is entitled to calculate interest 4% higher than the basic interest rate of National Westminster Bank plc from time to time, from the date of termination to the full refund. 7. The distributor`s contractual obligations are extinguished as soon as all services have been provided in accordance with the service classification, or the customer or distributor terminates the contract or transfers the balance to a new contract, depending on the previous amount. 8. The customer can transfer the credit to a new contract with the merchant`s agreement or at no additional cost.

9. In the event of the balance being transferred to a vehicle with higher service costs than the vehicle, the customer is informed of any changes in the payment and all payments made under the debit system are adjusted accordingly.

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