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Usda Volunteer Agreement

Limited to Not For Profit Organizations Always a sponsor means that you serve as an organizer for summer Food Service Program websites near you. Sponsors must be able to provide competent staff, management skills and food service skills. A sponsor can provide his own meals, buy meals as part of an agreement with another organization or enter into a contract with a food vendor. Figure 6: Local volunteers help nest, open wildlife and a wildlife conservation project. Courtesy of Art Henderson, Talladega National Forest For more than 100 years, the Forest Service has brought people and communities together to respond to the call for conservation. Through camping accommodation, trail maintenance, visitor service, research and more, volunteers make an essential contribution to the legacy of nature protection for future generations. The volunteer contract can be amended at any time with the written agreement of each party. The existing agreement may be terminated, a new agreement may be developed or a signed and dated amendment may be attached to the existing contract. Volunteers are at the heart of the forest service.

You can help in a forest service program or any activity, but not carry out repressive actions or fight fires. There are many jobs, from office work to physical outdoor work. Some typical volunteer activities are: these agreements allow the forest service to accept your services and your work. In essence, the agreement is the contract between you and the forest service. You cannot start working or travel with a contract until the contract is signed. The individual volunteer contract is used for people who wish to give their time and talent to the forest service and who are not related to an organized group (Figure 8). A sponsored volunteer agreement is used for individuals belonging to or under the supervision of another institution or organization or state or local government. Some of these groups are the Florida Trail Association, Girl or Boy Scouts (Figure 9) and the Back Country Horsemen. These groups recruit, train and house volunteers with or in partnership with the forest service. These volunteers are documented as a group under the name of their sponsorship organization on the sponsored volunteer contract. In addition to forest service guidelines and regulations, volunteers working under a sponsored volunteer contract may be advised by their organizing association.

If you work under a sponsored volunteer agreement, you should contact your host organization and your volunteer forest service coordinator to ensure that you have all the information you need to make your experience fruitful and enjoyable. A volunteer is not considered a federal employee and is not subject to federal employment laws, except for unlawful claims or work-related injuries (Federal Workers` Compensation Act 1974).

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