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Rspca Staff Collective Agreement

Two-thirds of RSPCA staff refused to sign new staff contracts, although they were asked to do so until December 20. In a video for Unite members at the RSPCA, Siobhan Endean, a national union official, Chris Sherwood, CEO of the RSPCA, „proposed to tear up your employment contract, vacation pay, sick pay, compensation policy and maternity rights, and put on average about US$2,000 on THE employees of the RSPCA.“ The charity disputed the allegations. According to the union, this is due to proposals to replace the incremental compensation system with a benefit compensation system and to reduce compensation for employees by 50%. This would likely lead to an average salary reduction of up to 4000 $US for some positions, including front, wildlife and wildlife centre staff. „After an in-depth analysis, the results show that a total of 19 alumni and 22 employees present were affected by 531 current employees,“ RSPCA NSW said in a statement Tuesday. „In the past, employees earned a lot of money, which the charity identified as an inefficient way to use donations. The money will continue to be paid for pending and other allowances, as well as for all work done on time and on time. Unite represents more than 700 employees – about half the staff of the first British animal welfare organization, founded in 1824. Some members of the management team have taken a harassment of staff to sign the new contract before the March 31 deadline – this type of behaviour is unfortunate. It was clear to all the proposals that they were not only financial, but also ideological, with the deliberate intention of removing the union from any future bargaining and reducing the working conditions of all employees, despite the company`s assurances.

The RSPCA asked staff to sign the new contracts by December 20 and threatened to fire anyone who did not sign before the end of March. Unite says the charity`s organization believes the union has only a small minority of employees and the union was therefore „an uncomfortable irritant that can be ignored, crushed and marginalized.“ It states that „membership has been hit in recent years, mainly due to poorly-provided restructuring and the appalling sequestration of staff,“ but that Unite members „now represent the majority of staff and the majority are growing by the day.“

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