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Record Breaking Agreement

India has signed an agreement with a construction company to launch a high-speed train from Ahmedabad in Gujarat to Mumbai, Maharashtra. The Japanese company Larsen- Turbo (L-T) is tasked with building 325 km of the Gujarat part of the project by signing an agreement on Thursday. The construction of this part of the project will cost 25,000 kronor. The entire supply is provided by the Indian government. It is the largest citizen financing agreement in the country. This information comes from the Times of India report. Neymar has signed a puma world record boat deal after declaring psg capable of leading the French giants to their first Champions League final. Now Liverpool will be looking for terms that would set the current British record of $750 million. The $750 deal was not affected by Manchester United, with adidas having been the beneficiary. Meanwhile, Liverpool hold the fifth most lucrative mid-flight kit contract. Shortly after learning that the two sides agreed, ESPN`s Adam Schefter gave more details about the deal.

The bond market has been growing rapidly in recent years. However, with the EU SURE borrowing programme, this growth is expected to explode. The October issue overshadowed all European offers of social bonds – the record holder was a 10-year, 5 billion euro offer from the French agency CADES – and has already helped revive a record year for the sector in 2020. Liverpool`s deal with New Balance was a great success and its Champions League triumph made it even more lucrative in the marketplace. New Balance is the parent company of former supplier Warrior and they took the contract with the Reds in February 2015. Liverpool`s existing contract expires next summer and has already been signed in 2015. Apparently, this deal with New Balance was worth about $45 million a season. The European Union`s first social bond issue set a world demand record in October – the multi-billion euro supply in two parts was oversubscribed nearly 14 times. Some observers welcomed this success as evidence of the strength of the sustainable financial market, while others argued that investors would be especially attracted by the fact that bonds are supported by the full confidence and solvency of the EU rated AAA.

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