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Air Space Parcel Agreement

An agreement on the air package can easily be 150 pages of documentation. It will require a high degree of competence and competence to interpret the timing of royalties, cost allocation and commitments. It is essential that the company receive written legal advice on the structure and formula of costs and commitments, so that they can be properly managed. The biggest problem right now is who controls the parking lot. The developer indicated that the car park is one of the commercial lots and they control and administer the car parks, but when we bought we were sold two car parks by the developer. (c) have a title identifying the parcel on the plan in section 143, paragraph 1, point b), and indicating that the plan is a subdivision of all or part of that land, (d) indicating the geodesic height of a corner of the base surface of each parcel in accordance with paragraph 143, paragraph 1, point b), and the geodesic height of each angle or angle of the airspace , (ii) a three-dimensional drawing of the inter-purpose package between levels or arcs, and if the surfaces of the airspace package are horizontal and vertical, the plan must be such that, if not, all limits of the airspace package must be fully sized for length and direction, and (2) The Registrar must examine the request and the airspace plan put in place to support and support and support the airspace , if they have been assured, the fact that they are in order and comply with this law must assign a serial number to the plan and register new titles not applicable to airspace packages. 142 (1) If ownership of part or part of a highway is exclusively owned by the crown under provincial law or the BC Transportation Financing Authority, the Minister responsible for administering the Transportation Act may apply for the registration of ownership of all or part of the highway crowned within provincial law or in the BC Transportation and Financing Authority. Depending on the case, and at registration, the government may establish airspace packages and process them in accordance with this law, but if the right to own a highway is transferred to a municipality by decree, the Minister responsible for administering the Transport Act must obtain the approval of the municipality before establishing airspace packages or acting in airspace packages. „all airspace,“ a piece of land in volume entirely or partially occupied by a building or other structure and designated as such in an airspace plan; 141 (1) A paying owner whose title is registered under this Act may, by filing an airspace plan, create one or more parcels of airspace separated by surfaces and obtain titles that cannot be deed to them.

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